Govt. S.S. school 11th & 12th free classes in geography practical chairman and CEO V.C. Kumawat geography lecturer. Yearly 5 govt. school in rajasamand, Udaipur, chittorgarh ditt- free education geography practical class All Children guidance facture life what is field ? and student what to do and what become in life we provide free guidance step chairman and CEO 11th & 12th take practical classes write know we was teached 45 govt. school . In govt. Institute free education carrier we guidance all children this NGO work for guide poor children to make her carrier.

Tribal Area Education

Pink Rural Development institute sansthan is tribal area development in education fild. Free education in govt. institute. Tribal area education 11th & 12th class geography practical is free education.

Poor student is tribal area and “droop out student in education development” project.


Free Education

Free education from pink R.D.I is 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019.

Classes is V.C. Kumawat Chairman and CEO geography practical 11th & 12th and instilment plan table survey and other statement pen, pencil, rubber, copy, dress, shoes, available in free education pink R.D.I provide in govt, school. Yearly 5 govt. school from education and present 45 govt. school in free education pink R.D.I.